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Easy Chicken Shredding Technique

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

What does chicken salad, Tinga, chicken flautas and chicken enchiladas have in common? All these recipes use the shredded chicken…the most tedious task in the kitchen! As much as I love these aforementioned recipes, I would steer away from making them because I would have to shred chicken!

Not to worry, I have found a solution to this daunting task.

You can easily shred chicken by using a hand mixer instead of using 2 forks, or your own hands! I highly recommend this Kitchen Aid hand mixer because it's reliable and works miracles! All you have to do is place the cooked chicken breast in a bowl, and then press the mixer to the meat and watch the magic happen! It saves a lot of time and reduced agony of shredding chicken. You can use this technique with any meat that needs shredding. My video below demonstrates this technique. So there is, one of my kitchen tips, shred on!

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