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Lazy Lox & Avocado Toast

Who said lox was only for bagels??! Try out this super easy and healthy •Lazy Lox & Avocado Toast• for breakfast or whenever you’re craving a bagel and lox!


-1 slice of your favorite bread! (I used @daveskillerbread thin sliced whole grain & seeds)

-1-2 pieces of lox (Sockeye Smoked Salmon, @traderjoes FTW)

- Whipped cream cheese

-1/4 sliced avocado

- 1 TSP capers

- fresh crack black pepper TT


1. Toast your bread

2. Spread the whipped cream cheese

3. Add the lox on top of the whipped cream cheese

4. Top with sliced avocado, capers and fresh cracked black pepper

5. ¡Buen Provecho!

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